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CLAIM: Brad Pitt to Run for President, Legalize Marijuana

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

Is President Obama going to turn the White House over… to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

He just might, according to preposterous rumors floated by Showbiz Spy and others.

(Hey, we can’t even make this stuff up.)

The site picks up a “world exclusive” from discredited Brangelina biographer Ian Halperin that claims Pitt “is planning to leave Hollywood to embark on a full political career.”

“There’s not much left for him to do in Hollywood,” one of Pitt’s “close associates” supposedly tells Halperin. “Brad feels there’s a lot more for him to do in politics, especially considering the rough years the world has experienced recently.”

And what are his specific plans?

A Jolie “friend” claims Pitt “will run for Senate and if all goes well will mount a bid to become President in 2016.”


According to the source, one of Pitt’s first presidential actions to revive the economy would be to legalize marijuana. “He’s obsessed with legalizin (sic) pot,” Halperin’s “source” says. “He believes it would be the biggest moneymaker since the Internet.”

If making up stories means making money, that could be true.

However, a source close to Pitt assures Gossip Cop the alleged Commander in Chief aspirations are bunk.

Sorry, but this rumor goes up in smoke.


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