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“Possessive” Kristen Stewart Rumor Drives Gossip Cop “Nuts”

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By Daniel Gates


Remember yesterday, when Life & Style published a whacked out article claiming Kristen Stewart attended the Remember Me premiere to intimidate Emilie de Ravin?

Showbiz Spy sure remembers! Because today the site (sloppily) rewrites the conspiracy theory, adding a new twist: Stewart and Robert Pattinson are “arguing endlessly” over her “possessive nature.”

Reportedly anxious about how close Pattinson and de Ravin have become, Stewart “tries to accompany the British star on as many of his promotional trips as possible.”

Gossip Cop will note again: Kristen Stewart has two settings, according to most outlets. When she’s not at events, other sites say, it’s because she’s a misanthropic homebody. When she does go to events, blogs claim it’s because she’s a jealous obsessive.


Anyway, Showbiz Spy has a “loose-lipped insider” who claims “Kristen hates the thought of Rob and Kristen spending time alone together.”

(The site has “loose-lipped” insiders… but obviously no copy editors.)

Stewart’s constant presence is “driving Rob nuts,” the “insider” reports. “He likes doing his own thing and having time to himself, but Kristen has gotten really needy over the past few weeks.”

Gossip Cop will humbly suggest that Showbiz Spy (which offered a photo bounty on the two) is the “needy” party here.

Our source with Stewart tells us (again) that the (endless) speculation about her supposed jealousy is (still) complete bunk.

As Gossip Cop said yesterday, Stewart was at the premiere to support Pattinson.

They had a nice time at the movie and at the party afterwards.

That’s it.

Sometimes the simplest explanations are the right ones. And that’s the case here.

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