PIXELS Trailer – Watch First Preview!

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Pixels Trailer

By Daniel Gates


Pixels Trailer


Pixels has its first full trailer. The movie stars Adam Sandler as a 1980s arcade champion called upon by the President of the United States to help save the world from aliens who misinterpret classic video games as a declaration of war. It’s not based on a true story. Watch the trailer below!

Sandler’s character teams up with gamers played by Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage for the mission. Michelle Monaghan and Ashley Benson also join the adventure. Kevin James plays the President, with Jane Krakowski as the First Lady. Pixels was directed by Chris Columbus.

The trailer shows Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and other video game characters attacking Earth. As Sandler’s character declares in astonishment, “Pac Man’s a bad guy!” Unfortunately, Pac Man’s “father” quickly learns that lesson, too. The movie opens in July.

We seem to be in the midst of a kind of toy-based movie renaissance. The Transformers series has been huge for years, of course, but last year brought the blockbuster LEGO Movie. Meanwhile, Wreck-It Ralph was a commercial and critical hit in 2012, using both original and well-known video game characters. Now comes Pixels. Do you think it looks good? Watch the first trailer below.

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