Tabloid: Pippa Middleton and Chelsy Davy “Battle for Prince Harry’s Heart”

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By Daniel Gates



“The claws are out as party-pals-turned-arch-rivals Pippa Middleton and Chelsy Davy battle for Prince Harry‘s heart,” announces In Touch in one of the week’s most predictable – and bogus – stories.

Now that Prince William and (the former) Kate Middleton‘s nuptials have passed, frenzied tabloids are trying to create a war between the bride’s popular sister and Davy, Harry’s longtime girlfriend. Last week, Star hit the ground running with a ridiculous “love triangle” story, and now In Touch has taken the baton.

According to the mag’s “source,” Davy watched unhappily at the royal wedding reception as Harry and Middleton engaged in “over-the-top flirtatious behavior.” But magically, by the time dinner began, “Harry was back in Chelsy’s good graces.” Translation: Nothing actually changed between Harry and Davy.

The “source” also tells In Touch that Middleton “wouldn’t hesitate to dump” boyfriend Alex Loudon for Harry if she had the opportunity, because she wants to be like her sister and marry a prince. Translation: Middleton is already happy with her non-royal boyfriend, even though her sister dated the world’s most famous prince for eight years.

In Touch‘s insider admits that, shockingly, Middleton and Davy are “good friends,” noting that they partied with Harry together the night before the wedding. Translation: They’re friends. They don’t hate each other. There’s no war.

At the very end of the article, In Touch says, “Just because she may look the part of a princess, it doesn’t mean Pippa will steal Harry’s heart. Harry is ‘truly in love with Chelsy,’ the source [says].” Translation: The magazine knows full well its own story is complete b.s.

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