Philip Seymour Hoffman Was NOT In Gay Relationship With David Bar Katz — National Enquirer Quotes Are FAKE

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By Daniel Gates


Philip Seymour Hoffman gay boyfriend

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The National Enquirer has printed a fabricated interview in which David Bar Katz claims to have been the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s gay lover. It is 100 percent false.

Katz, a playwright-screenwriter and longtime friend of Hoffman, made the tragic discovery (along with Hoffman’s assistant) of the Oscar winner’s body last weekend. But the Enquirer apparently wanted a more explosive story, so the outlet has printed “quotes” attributed to Katz that he absolutely never said.

“We were homosexual lovers. We had a relationship,” Katz is alleged to have told the tabloid. But he never said this, Gossip Cop has learned.

Either the Enquirer misheard Katz (cough), or spoke with a random person claiming to be Katz, or there was some sort of miscommunication. The fake “Katz” supposedly told the magazine, “I never thought his addiction had reached that level. We were planning to go to the Super Bowl together and have a really nice day.”

“The story is completely 100 percent FALSE,” a rep for Hoffman tells Gossip Cop. Katz “didn’t give any interviews,” we’re told. In other words, the Enquirer ran a sensationalized and completely bogus story about Hoffman’s personal life just days after he died. Katz is now suing American Media, the tab’s parent company, for $50 million.

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