Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Controversy Mocked on Daily Show And Colbert Report

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(Comedy Central)

By Michael Lewittes


(Comedy Central)

Following Phil Robertson’s suspension from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” after making anti-gay comments in a GQ magazine interview, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have taken aim at the long bearded hunter.


On Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” the host said, “As a student of history, one of the things we’ve learned is that the mightiest dynasties eventually crumble,” and then began to discuss “the preeminent dynasty of our age.”

Stewart felt, “I think what the guy said is ignorant, but I also have an inclination to support a world where saying ignorant s**t on television doesn’t get you kicked off that medium.”

Colbert, donning a long beard, cracked on his “The Colbert Report” that “this is a terrible day for Americans although admittedly a great day for ducks,” adding, “With this controversy, they may have just lost Duck Dynasty’s massive black and gay audience.”

The TV host read a number of Robertson’s eyebrow-raising quotes, and noted, “I’ll admit it’s not the eloquent speech you’d expect from a backwoods Louisiana duck murderer.”

Members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast have since hinted that without Robertson they may not continue doing the series.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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