Celebrities React To Peter Pan Live!

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Peter Pan Celebrity Twitter Reaction

By Shari Weiss

Peter Pan Celebrity Twitter Reaction


Watching “Peter Pan Live!” didn’t compare to tweeting about “Peter Pan Live!” Like last year’s “The Sound of Music Live!” the special broadcast turned into a major social media event, with viewers sharing commentary on Twitter as Allison Williams and Christopher Walker performed on stage, er, screen.

Naturally, celebrities, too, took to Twitter to weigh in. Tweets ranged from appreciative to snarky, though the feedback didn’t seem nearly as bad as what Carrie Underwood faced last year. Hoda Kotb, for instance, wrote, “#AllisonWilliams wow!!!!!!!!!” Katy Perry tweeted, “I BELIEVE IN YOU ALLISON WILLIAMS!!!” Sarah Silverman declared, “Christopher Walken= spectacular.” And Aubrey Plaza exclaimed, “CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IS EVERYTHING.”

Laura Benanti, who played Elsa Schraeder in “The Sound of Music Live,” joked, “SURPRISE I’M THE CROCODILE. #PeterPanLive.” With Williams playing the Pan role, Mario Lopez wondered, “So would it be cool if ‘Annie’ was played by a man?” Zach Braff quipped, “Brian Williams is crushing this. #PeterPanLive.”

“#PeterPanLive. Great production values! And it’s nice to have some programming that the whole family can watch during the holidays!” wrote Marlee Matlin. Anna Kendrick shared a similar view, tweeting, “That production value tho #PeterPanLive.” And Mia Farrow, who played Peter Pan in the 1976 TV version, had nothing but praise, writing, “Bravo cast and crew of #PeterPanLive- Well done!”

Carson Daly noted, “Watching #PeterPanLive with my family- getting hard to explain a jealous Tink to the kids. Super fun TV! They love the flying in the bedroom.” Joshua Malina joked, “Can’t believe Christopher Walken is up this late. #PeterPanLive.” Beth Behrs commented, “Christopher Walken doing soft shoe is kinda hot…. #PeterPanLive.” And Josh Groban amusingly wrote, “Say what you will, but I’m loving that live tweeting a yearly staged-for-tv musical is becoming a national tradition. #drinkyourovaltine.”

It was also a big night for Melissa Joan Hart, who starred with her real-life family in a series of “Peter Pan”-inspired Walmart commercials that aired throughout the broadcast. “Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments about my family (yes, its my real family),” she tweeted. “I know I’m blessed, and its nice of u to comment.” Hart added at the end of the production, “Bravo to Allison Williams and the cast & crew of #PeterPanLive. Great show!!!” Gossip Cop will update with more reactions. What did YOU think of “Peter Pan Live!”?

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