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Perez should beat it with his bad Michael Jackson reporting

Truth rating: 10

By Michael Lewittes




“Wowsa,” writes Perez Hilton today in a piece about the box office returns of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” and “wowsa” is exactly what we were thinking when we read his story.

Hilton, who is so afraid of Gossip Cop that he’s blocked us on Twitter, begins today’s post with “The world cannot get enough of Michael!” and notes that the “highest-grossing concert movie of all-time” has taken in $200 million.


Isn’t this the same Perez Hilton who Gossip Cop called out two weeks ago for repeatedly claiming the movie was a flop? The first Perez post we corrected was a story he titled, “This Is It Is Falling Fast.” And we were equally fast to point out how wrong he was.

Then, two days later, Perez had a piece he called, “This Is It Was A Disappoint,” in which he boldly declared, “After being hyped to the extreme, the Michael Jackson documentary This I It is selling pretty short.” He further stepped in it and dragged it across the room when he nonsensically added, “Seems like Sony was way off the mark when calculating the public interest.”

No, only Perez “Cop Blocker” Hilton was “way off the mark.” (And we corrected him that time, too.)

Gossip Cop said right from the beginning that the movie was a hit, and urged everyone back then (and still today) to see the film because, regardless of what you think of Jackson as a person, as a performer you see “This Is It” – and so much more.

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