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Perez Hilton: Wrong, Late, and Still Afraid

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images/Gossip Cop composite)

(Getty Images/Gossip Cop composite)

Really, how did any of us find out anything before Perez Hilton picked up a keyboard?

This morning “Scoop” Hilton breathlessly reports that Daniel Radcliffe might go nude in the next “Harry Potter” film. “Things are getting a little risque over at Hogwarts!” chimes Hilton, referring to the “nudey rumor.”


The least Perez could have done was make one phone call… but he didn’t. Gossip Cop did more, including speaking to Radcliffe’s rep, who assured us Harry Potter will be keeping his clothes on.

But Perez was probably very, very busy lining up dozens of stories that seem to run on a timer. After all, that’s how we get gems like his announcement this morning that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will cohost next year’s Academy Awards… a day after everyone else, including Gossip Copreported it yesterday.

Perhaps this is why Perez Hilton, so often wrong and late, has still blocked Gossip Cop on Twitter.

For the rest of you who aren’t blocked, tweet the following phrase:

@PerezHilton, why are you afraid of @GossipCop?

And remember: You can always follow @GossipCop on Twitter – we don’t block anyone.


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