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Perez Needs Break from Timberlake & Biel Break-Up Stories

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By Daniel Gates



Perez Hilton doesn’t let little things like work commitments get in the way of a non-story. Especially when real world events aren’t cooperating with his alternate reality, in which Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have supposedly split.

“Biel was nowhere to be seen” as Timberlake had a night on the town in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Hilton breathlessly “reports.”

First, Timberlake ate at Nobu with some friends. Then he gambled at the Hard Rock casino. Finally he partied at a club there.


Um, are we missing something? Namely … how this has anything to do with Timberlake and Biel’s relationship supposedly ending?

Biel didn’t go out with Timberlake last night because she’s in New York all week doing a Broadway workshop. Gossip Cop knows because, unlike Perez, we check facts.

Again: Biel is in New York and Timberlake is in Las Vegas. That’s why they weren’t together last night. Hilton using it as an excuse to say they’re done is like saying that if Gossip Cop is at the office instead of his girlfriend’s side, it’s evidence we’re finished.

At least Perez got some practice drawing zig zags.


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