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Perez Hilton fumbles on piece about “Friday Night Lights” star dating Jessica Simpson

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By Michael Lewittes


For a post today about Jessica Simpson and Taylor KitschPerez Hilton pulled out his two weapons — lateness and inaccuracy. 

In a story titled, “Is Jessica Dating Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch?” Perez not only lifts a story Gossip Cop busted a week ago, but as usual he didn’t even bother to remotely fact-check it.

First he declares Simpson “is on the prowl!” and then “reports” that she “was introduced to the Friday Night Lights star by her bestie CaCee Cobb‘s boyfriend, actor Donald Faison back in December, and the two hit it off right away.”

Perez, who BLOCKS Gossip Cop on Twitter, goes on to quote a made-up source who says, “Jessica had a bunch of people over for pizza and beer, and Donald bought his pal Taylor… They ended up talking all night and it’s gone from there.” 

No, this story should be gone.

It wasn’t true a week ago when it was in the Star, and it’s equally untrue today.

In fact, Gossip Cop confirmed that Simpson has NEVER even met Taylor Kitsch.

Yet another fumble from Team Perez.

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