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Perez Doesn’t Know What Duhamel He’s doing

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By Michael Lewittes



Under a photo of the Black Eyed Peas singer and headline “One Is The Loneliest Number,” Perez Hilton writes, “Another night without your husband, Fergie?” followed up by “Are you trying to clue us in?”

Maybe Gossip Cop can clue in Perez, who truly doesn’t have a clue about such things as fairness or fact-checking.

In his gratuitously mean-spirited post, Perez reports, “Ferg was seen heading to dinner alone while in New York last night. No word as to where Josh Duhamel might be.”

News flash: Duhamel was on Long Island, shooting the movie “The Romantics.”

Poor Perez. The blogger, who’s fear of our wacky insistence on accuracy prompted him to block us on Twitter, must’ve been too busy dying his hair, getting stories wrong to spend the entire minute finding the answer to that one.


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