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Perez crashes on story that Lindsay Lohan attended Golden Globe party uninvited

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By Michael Lewittes



Once again, Perez Hilton can’t be bothered by the facts.

The blogger, who is so afraid of Gossip Cop that he’s blocked us on Twitter, notes that Lindsay Lohan “and mom Dina showed up to the Chateau Marmont for one of the [Golden Globe] award pre-parties hosted by the (sic) The New York Times Style Magazine.”

He adds, “The only problem? They weren’t invited.”

Did Perez fact-check? Of course not.

Had he done a teensy weensy bit of reporting, Perez would have known that Lohan did not “crash,” as he put it.

Gossip Cop spoke to the party’s organizer, Peggy Siegal, who told us, “She didn’t crash. She was expected.”

And, among the reasons Lohan came to the party — which also drew the likes of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jeff Bridges, Jane Fonda, Adam Lambert, and Anna Kendrick – was that she wanted to see Best Screenplay nominee (“It’s Complicated”) Nancy Meyers, who cast her way back when in “The Parent Trap.”

The only one who crashed here is… Perez.

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