CLAIM: Pax Jolie-Pitt Becoming “Bully”

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By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s kids are a lot to handle these days… at least according to the tabloids. Star magazine claimed last week that the couple is getting married because Maddox loves Shrek (it’s as stupid as it sounds), and now this week the longtime family fabulists at In Touch are alleging that 7-year-old Pax has become a bully.

According to the tab, a therapist has joined the jet-setting clan to help Pax “deal with his aggression.” “He’s becoming something of a bully,” an “insider” reveals to In Touch. “He picks on [5-year-old] Shiloh, and even on his big brother, Maddox. He’s really having a tough time getting along with his siblings.”

The magazine mentions his difficult early childhood in Vietnam as a potential source of the alleged “aggression,” and also says “his chaos-filled current lifestyle is likely also a factor.” To illustrate just how out of control Pax is, In Touch uses a few paparazzi photos of the youngster making faces and being rambunctious with his siblings. “He’s having a difficult time with the constant schedule changes, and with the fact that people stare at him whenever he’s with his parents,” explains the “insider.” Hmm.

In other words, a 7-year-old (who is constantly followed by photographers) has been spotted sticking out his tongue, arguing with his brothers and sisters, and otherwise acting exactly like every other 7-year-old in the history of 7-year-olds. But because In Touch is so desperate to find cracks in the Brangelina brood, the magazine interprets Pax’s totally unremarkable behavior as an indication that Jolie and Pitt are losing control of their family. As a family source tells Gossip Cop, Pax and his sibs occasionally act up, but in no way is he the wild “bully” In Touch makes him out to be.

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