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Justin Bieber’s Mom Not Posing for Playboy, Despite Reports

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By Daniel Gates


There seems to be such high demand for stories about Justin Bieber, enterprising bloggers have had to start inventing wrong rumors about his family to fill their monthly orders.

At least, that’s the best explanation we can offer for why the Internet exploded over the last couple of days with speculation that the performer’s mom, Pattie Lynn Mallette, was set to pose for Playboy.

An item from Zack Taylor‘s site got picked up on outlets like The Frisky and hundreds of others. There was no evidence, of course, nor was there a single named source or a shred of common sense behind the topless Mallette talk. Just a fabricated “deal” figure ($50,000) and a reminder that Mallette might be a mother but is still a very young woman.

In any case, the rumor is — surprise! — not true.

A rep for the pop superstar calls reports of a supposed Playboy offer/deal for his mom “absolutely false.”

Bieber Fever seems to touch everything these days, but when it comes to reporting, sites should really do more than the ‘bare’ minimum.


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