Paris Hilton Fan Gives Cadillac As Gift, Then Smashes Car’s Windows

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Paris Hilton Cadillac

By Minyvonne Burke

Paris Hilton Cadillac


Paris Hilton seems to have a fan who’s not only obsessed with her, but also has the money to spend on expensive gifts like a vintage Cadillac. On Sunday, a man named Johnny sneaked onto Hilton’s Beverly Hills property and tried to give her a red Cadillac as a present, but the hotel heiress refused.

Johnny pretended to be a flower delivery man in order to sneak past her front gate security guard, but when he got to the front door, Hilton recognized him from previous scary encounters and called the cops. And even though Johnny fled Hilton’s gated community, he left the pricey Cadillac as a gift.

The car stayed untouched for two days outside Hilton’s house, with a bouquet of flowers left on the backseat. On Tuesday, though, Hilton discovered that the cadillac’s windows had been smashed, and now TMZ says Hilton believes Johnny damaged the car because she wouldn’t accept his present.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Johnny has tried to contact Hilton. He once mailed her a wedding dress with a note asking if she would marry him, and he also flew a plane over her parents’ house with two messages. One message read, “Can’t Get Paris Whitney Hilton Out of My Mind,” while the other said, “Mr. & Mrs. Hilton, may I court your daughter Paris?”

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