Paris Hilton in ELLE: “I Don’t Want To Be Dumb” With Money

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By Daniel Gates

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Paris Hilton opens up about her plans for kids, being targeted by the Bling Ring, and why she isn’t “dumb” with money in a new ELLE interview.

The socialite-turned-entrepreneur first clears the air about her deejaying.

“I don’t call myself a DJ,” explains Hilton. “I don’t say, ‘Oh I’m DJ Paris Hilton’ — it’s just part of what I do. I’ve been doing celebrity appearances before anyone was ever really paid to do them.”

She adds, “It’s kind of just the next step in my appearance world. I’m not just showing up and saying “Hello” in the microphone.”

Asked whether she follows the “Real Housewives” franchise (which features her aunts Kyle and Kim Richards), Hilton responds, “I watched the first season, but it’s so mean now.”

The socialite was infamously robbed by the Bling Ring bandits, something she still hasn’t fully processed.

“Just knowing that all of these kids were chilling in my bed and hanging out in my club and jacking everything out of my closet… It’s crazy to me that they had the balls to do that,” Hilton tells ELLE.

She says she hasn’t had contact with the thieves, explaining, “I wouldn’t accept their apology. What they did was so wrong. And I feel like they didn’t even really pay for what they did.”

What is it like to be as famous as Hilton is?

“I don’t feel like I’m different than anyone,” she tells the magazine. “It just may be harder for me to go to Disneyland or the mall because I have to talk to everybody. You always have to be on. If I go to my ranch or somewhere private, then I feel normal. I think it’s other people who make me feel different.”

And she doesn’t see herself as a spoiled rich girl. Hilton explains, “I could have easily been a trust fund kid, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to be independent and not have to ask for anything and feel proud of myself. Once I started it just sort of snowballed into such a huge thing that I just keep on wanting more.” “Since I’m a businesswoman and I make my own money, I don’t want to be dumb with it,” says the onetime reality star. “I’ve seen a lot of people waste money on silly things they don’t need. I’m not gonna go and waste $100,000 on an outfit because I think it looks cool.”

What plans does Hilton have for the future? “I want to have a few kids, have hotels all over the world, and be a brand,” she says.

But don’t expect her to spend her life focusing on the kind of notoriety that made her famous. Hilton says, “I’m not really in Hollywood that much. I don’t really hang out with any of those people. I don’t go out just because it’s Thursday night and this club is supposed to be fun anymore. It gets boring after a while.”

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