Cara Delevingne And Dakota Johnson NOT Dating, Despite Report

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Cara Delevingne Dakota Johnson Dating

Cara Delevingne and Dakota Johnson are NOT dating, despite a completely speculative and false webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim.

Prince Harry Has NOT Given Up On Marriage And Family, Despite Report

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Prince Harry Married Family

Prince Harry has NOT given up on his plans to get married and have a family, despite a baseless webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim.

Jamie Foxx “Dumped” Katie Holmes Report NOT True

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Jamie Foxx Dumped Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx did not “dump” Katie Holmes, despite a report about their fictional relationship. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

Danai Gurira Talks “Walking Dead” Death, Defends Violence On ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

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Danai Gurira GMA Video

Danai Gurira appeared on Monday’s “GMA” to discuss the shocking death from “The Walking Dead” season premiere. Mild spoilers ahead!

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky ‘Split’ Report NOT True

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Chris Hemsworth split Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are not “Hollywood’s next big split,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this inaccuracy.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Recap: Kris Jenner Accuses Kim Of Being A Traitor

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Keeping Up With Kardashians Recap

Kris Jenner accused Kim Kardashian of being a traitor for helping style Caitlyn Jenner for the ESPY awards on Sunday’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Get the full episode recap here!

Sharon Osbourne “Smart Mattress” Claim Is Late And Wrong

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Sharon Osbourne Smart Mattress

Sharon Osbourne is NOT using a “smart mattress” that can detect if Ozzy Osbourne has been cheating, despite a late and wrong report that Gossip Cop already debunked. We can once again correct this claim.

Prince William Romanced Britney Spears?

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Prince William Romance Britney Spears

Prince William and Britney Spears were NOT romantically involved years ago, nor is Kate Middleton desperate to find out the details of their supposed relationship, despite an absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim.

HollywoodLife Caught Making Up Kim Kardashian Birthday Stories

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Kim Kardashian Birthday HollywoodLife

HollywoodLife got caught lying again about Kim Kardashian’s birthday. On Friday, Gossip Cop nailed the often discredited site for making up a tall tale about Kanye West throwing a “lavish” party for his wife that was to be attended that night by her celebrity friends. But as Gossip Cop reported, the big Kardashian 36th birthday party story was just a big lie. Now, the webloid is at it again.

George Clooney NOT Embarrassed By Wife Amal’s Clothes, Despite Report

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George Clooney Amal Clothes

George Clooney is not “embarrassed” by his wife Amal’s clothes, despite a made-up report by an embarrassingly bad outlet. Gossip Cop can correct this fabrication.

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