Owen Wilson And Johnny Knoxville Nuzzle Sheep On “Late Late Show With James Corden” (VIDEO)

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Owen Wilson Johnny Knoxville Nuzzle James Corden

By Andrew Shuster


Owen Wilson Johnny Knoxville Nuzzle James Corden


Owen Wilson And Johnny Knoxville nuzzled their faces against a sheep on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show with James Corden.” This went down during another installment of “Nuzzle Waaa?,” a bit in which guests wear blindfolds while rubbing their faces against a mystery object in an effort to guess what it is. Watch the funny video below!

Corden participated in the first round, facing off against Wilson. The two masked men nuzzled their faces against cotton candy, and while Wilson believed it to be a “Brillo pad,” Corden correctly guessed what it was and promptly ate some.

Next, Knoxville went up against comedienne Natasha Leggero, who was also one of Wednesday night’s guests. However, neither of them were able to figure out that they were nuzzling their faces against a Scottish bagpipe player until he started playing a few notes.

Corden and guests paired off into their teams for the final round. Wilson and Knoxville went head-to-head as the “nuzzlers,” with Leggero and Corden acting as their respective guides. A sheep was then brought out, so the guides helped the nuzzlers to their knees in order to get up close to the animal. Check out the video below to find out whether Wilson or Knoxville were able to correctly identify the sheep. Tell Gossip Cop what you think of the latest installment of “Nuzzle Waaa?”

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