CLAIM: Ryan Gosling and James Franco “Battling” To Play Oscar Pistorius

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By Daniel Gates



Ryan Gosling and James Franco are “battling” to play Oscar Pistorius in a movie, claims Star. The tabloid explains that filmmakers are “rushing to chronicle” the story of the Olympic sprinter who allegedly killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day.

“Where there’s a scandal, a movie deal is sure to follow,” explains the magazine. According to a so-called “studio insider” for Star, “Ryan is the natural choice — he looks just like Oscar! But James already played a dramatic character with a major handicap in 127 Hours.” “He could easily pull off the role and would definitely make it an award-winning performance,” adds the tab’s source.

Um, we’re not sure which “studio” this “insider” is inside, but as stunning as the Pistorius story is, there’s no actual movie production currently underway. The alleged murder happened less than two weeks ago — and the shocking narrative is still unfolding. It seems like Star just picked one salacious news story, two big names, and (bizarrely) used the fact that Franco once played someone who cut off his own hand as a reason to link him to a film about double-amputee Pistorius.

This is nothing more than a tabloid trying to manufacture a celebrity angle to a tragic news story. Neither Gosling nor Franco is currently “battling” for a Pistorius movie.

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