Orlando Bloom “Jealous” Of Michael Douglas, “Causing Trouble” On Film Set?

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Orlando Bloom Jealous Michael Douglas

By Shari Weiss


Michael Douglas Orlando Bloom Feud

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Orlando Bloom Jealous Michael Douglas

(Getty Images)

Orlando Bloom is NOT “causing trouble” on the set of Unlocked, despite an off-base tabloid story that wrongly claims the actor’s alleged “jealousy” of co-star Michael Douglas has led to drama. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that not only is the story untrue, but In Touch, the magazine that printed it, knew it was false and published it anyway.

In Touch quotes an “insider” as claiming, “Michael has more directorial say and is getting paid more, so Orlando feels like he isn’t getting the same respect. He recently had a meltdown and locked himself in his trailer.” The alleged source further says that while Douglas was “totally professional,” Bloom supposedly angered the crew with time- and money-wasting antics.

“While it certainly won’t end the production,” writes In Touch, trying to cover its butt for when no actual film hiccups are reported by reputable outlets, “the drama is creating headaches for everyone on the set.” Actually, it’s the tabloid that’s creating headaches, causing drama where there is none.

Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that while both Bloom and Doulas are in Unlocked, they have no scenes together. They filmed the movie at completely different, separate times, and never crossed paths. In fact, Bloom and Douglas have never even met. And what’s more is Douglas’ rep confirms to Gossip Cop that In Touch was made aware its allegations were wrong, but the magazine chose to publish them anyway.

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