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Tabloid courts trouble with Oprah v. Judge Judy article

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By Michael Lewittes



Oprah Winfrey has vowed to bury her top TV rival ‘Judge Judy’ before quitting her talk show, and banned her feisty ratings foe from all things Oprah,” claims the National Enquirer in an article titled, “Oprah Takes Aim at Judge Judy.”

According to a so-called insider, “Oprah is furious” that Judge Judy has tied or beaten her in the ratings a few times.

“Now Oprah has made it clear,” says a source, “that she doesn’t want Judy mentioned in her magazine, on her TV show or on her cable shows — anywhere, any time, any way. Judy is banned.” 

The tabloid further alleges that a “threatened Oprah” wants her show “to end in a blaze of glory. She’s made it clear that heads will roll if the ratings don’t climb.”


Uh, no.

Although the Enquirer tries to present a case worthy of a courtroom drama, with both women squaring off against each other, staffers swear it’s not the truth, not the whole truth, and nothing like the truth.

Additionally, a rep for the show tells Gossip Cop, “It’s not true.”

Story dismissed.

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