CLAIM: Oprah “Collapsed” in “Heart Attack Drama”

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By Michael Lewittes


“In a terrifying heart attack drama, Oprah Winfrey… collapsed with crushing chest pains shortly after leaving her show,” begins a National Enquirer story.

According to the supermarket tabloid, while recently on vacation in Europe, Oprah “feared she was dying when she suddenly began suffering pressure and pain in her chest.” The “medical nightmare,” says the Enquirer, is a result of her “chronic binge eating,” and now Oprah’s “facing a desperate option to save her life — risky, four-hour surgery.”

“She’s ready to take drastic measures — even if that means going under the knife,” says a so-called “insider,” who adds, “Her heart attack scare has been a huge wake-up call for Oprah to get healthy or face the prospect of an early grave.”

The tab claims Oprah went on a “food bender” in Europe to cope with the stress of “walking away from her hit syndicated talk show — and straight into a battle to rescue her faltering cable network.” While abroad, says the Enquirer‘s alleged “insider,” Oprah’s “overindulging finally caught up with her, and she feared she was having a heart attack. She went into a major panic and collapsed.”

So, did Oprah seek medical assistance? Nope. But this did happen, right? Nope. There was no “heart attack drama.” Oprah never “collapsed with crushing chest pains” during her vacation. And she does not need a “risky, four-hour surgery” to save her life.

When Gossip Cop reached out to an Oprah spokesperson, we were told the Enquirer story is simply “not true.” Of course, none of the Enquirer‘s inaccuracies should surprise anyone. This is the same tabloid that wrongly reported two weeks ago that O.J. Simpson confessed to an Oprah producer that he killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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