Oprah Winfrey: $2 Billion Was “My Limit” For The L.A. Clippers

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By Michael Lewittes

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Oprah Winfrey shares the excitement she had over possibly buying the L.A. Clippers, and the disappointment she experienced after she lost out to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who’s paying $2 billion for the team.

As Gossip Cop reported, Winfrey was part of a group that wanted to buy the Clippers after Donald Sterling was forced to sell the team because of his taped racist remarks.

While on the set of Selma, the film Winfrey is producing and starring in about Martin Luther King, Lyndon Johnson, and the civil rights marches, she spoke to “Entertainment Tonight” about her desire to buy the Clippers.

Winfrey related, “I was in the middle of these scenes while making the bid — literally the first day I was going to shoot… I had to run upstairs in the building, find a fax machine — we’re putting in the bid and I’m signing it, and I’m thinking, ‘How ironic is that? I’m playing a woman who can’t get the right to vote, and now you’re putting in a bid [to buy a professional sports team].'”

Ultimately, though, the $2 billion price was even too high for the media mogul.

Winfrey says her advisors felt the asking price wouldn’t be a smart business move for her.

“We went over that number, and then we went over that number again, and by the time we got to the final number [it was no longer] a good business decision. But for me? I was doing it. You know, my lawyers were like, ‘Do you even like basketball?’ I said, Yes, I LOVE basketball! And this is gonna be so much fun!’… I thought it would be entertaining,” said Winfrey.

She added, “$2 billion — OK, now that’s my limit!”

Winfrey even joked that if she had bought the team it would have been an issue with all her friends asking for tickets.

She noted, “That’s one reason I’m glad we didn’t get it — because a lot of people would be like, ‘Oprah? Got any Clippers tickets?'”

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