One Direction And Jimmy Kimmel Take “Cutest Selfie Ever” With Little Kids And Puppies — WATCH VIDEO HERE!

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One Direction Jimmy Kimmel Cutest Selfie Ever Photo

By Shari Weiss


One Direction Jimmy Kimmel Cutest Selfie Ever Photo


One Direction and Jimmy Kimmel teamed up for the “cutest selfie ever” on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in an attempt to “break the internet,” which is apparently a big trend these days. Check out the video below!

Kimmel kicked off the episode with a monologue talking about Directioners’ intense love for the group. “Lots of people have lined up waiting for One Direction in the alley outside our studio. It’s like tween skid row out there,” said the host. He went on to joke, “One young lady has been here since last night, not even to come see the show, she slept in the alley overnight because she’s hoping to see One Direction get out of the car and come inside. After this, she’s headed to camp outside Walmart for a Black Friday. She might be homeless, for all I know.”

Kimmel first interviewed the guys, and asked Styles if he’d “ever marry a girl who wet the bed every night” because there was a woman in the audience who apparently still does and is a fan of One Direction. The band members also answered a number of questions, such as what were the strangest gifts they’ve ever received from fans, whether moms bring their daughters to concerts and try to hit on them, what they did when they hung out at Johnny Depps house, and what it was like to recently meet Prince William and Kate Middleton. “It’s like they’re nice,” answered Styles.

One Direction also talked to Kimmel about recording their new album “Four” and their new tour, which will be called the “On The Road Again” tour. The world tour will kick off in Australia in February, with its first U.S. date in San Diego on July 9, 2015. Kimmel then asked them a series of “Who Is Most Likely” questions, including who is most likely to forget lyrics, disappear for a few days, have a girlfriend that splits up the band, and will go bald first. The answers are interesting.

Kimmel then explained that he wanted to “break the internet” by creating the “cutest selfie ever,” which actually required more than just the 1D heartthrobs. They also enlisted adorable little kids, cuddly cats and puppies, furry stuffed animals, a unicorn pony, and, uh, Guillermo. Kimmel actually tweeted the picture before the broadcast, writing, “BEHOLD – the #CutestSelfieEver – watch #Kimmel tonight. @OneDirection.” It’s worth noting the Internet is currently still working.

The appearance was part of a jam-packed week of One Direction promotional activities, tied to the band’s new album Four. As Gossip Cop reported, the record was released on Monday, coinciding with a special “Today Show” concert at Universal Studios Orlando. Zayn Malik missed the event due to an illness, prompting Matt Lauer to ask about ” rumors of substance abuse,” which in turn led to blowback from both Malik and fans alike.

Malik reunited with his band mates for a private concert at Universal Resort on Tuesday that was taped for 1D’s first-ever primetime U.S. TV special. That will air on NBC in December. But the fun continues even sooner, with the release of the “Night Changes” music video on Friday, followed by a performance at Sunday’s American Music Awards. Gossip Cop will have full coverage of all the festivities. First, however, check out the “Jimmy Kimmel” video below!

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