VIDEO: President Obama Takes Over The Colbert Report, Hilariously Spars With Host

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Obama Colbert

By Daniel Gates


Obama Colbert

(Comedy Central)

President Obama took over for part of Monday’s “The Colbert Report,” kicking Stephen Colbert out of his seat and doing his version of the recurring Colbert bit “The Word,” only he changed it to “The Decree.” In the very amusing segment, Obama read from the TelePrompter as though he were Colbert, complaining about Obamacare and himself.

He also sat for an extended interview with Colbert, who, in his final episodes as host of “The Colbert Report,” has not softened his faux outrage and opposition to the Democratic leader, even with Monday’s special show being broadcast from the President’s home turf of Washington, D.C.

At one point, Colbert asks Obama, “Why did you burn the Constitution and become an emperor?” Teasing the President about big Democratic losses in the recent midterm elections, Colbert wonders, “That shellacking didn’t rattle the presidential seal off your podium?”

After congratulating Obama on recent job growth, Colbert asked, “Why didn’t you fix the economy before the midterm elections?” He added, “You’ve employed a lot of people. Mostly as Secretary of Defense.”

While there was serious discussion of matters like the proposed Keystone Pipeline, Obama and Colbert also touched upon lighter stuff, like the President’s family giving him a hard time for his “big ears” and “stodgy suits.” Obama had made two previous appearances on “The Colbert Report,” but never quite like this. Check out the videos of Stephen Colbert and President Obama below, and tell us what you think!

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