Celebrities React to North Carolina’s Gay Marriage Ban

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By Shari Weiss


Celebrities are taking to Twitter to comment on North Carolina’s gay marriage ban. The majority of the state’s residents voted on Tuesday to define marriage as an act between a man and a woman. Here are what celebrities are saying in response to the controversial constitutional amendment.

Ellen DeGeneres: “Getting married was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I hope everyone in North Carolina gets the same opportunity someday.”

Kal Penn: “Sad 2C North Carolina double-ban marriage #equality. If it was truly about the ‘sanctity of marriage’, you’d have made divorce illegal too.”

Neil Patrick Harris: “North Carolina passed Amendment One. Unbelievable.”

Tori Spelling: “Sad to hear that Amendment 1 passed in North Carolina. Love is love! Period the end! #MarriageEquality”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “This is an interesing fact I just learned: First cousins can marry in North Carolina. (Unless they are of the same sex, I assume).”

Mia Farrow: “Oh North Carolina – the disappointment we feel now is nothing compared to the bewilderment & shame your children will feel.”

Russell Brand: “If I ever find myself in North Carolina I shall marry a man just to feel safe.”

Zach Braff: “Well @donald_faison , I guess we can cross North Carolina off the retirement state list.”

Sophia Bush: “This is such a letdown. #DearNorthCarolina today you fell on the wrong side of history.”

Megan McCain: “Way to be a bad southern cliche North Carolina. I’m sure your grandkids will look back on this day in horror. #loveisnotamistake”

Brooklyn Decker: “Really disappointed in my home state of North Carolina this evening. One giant step backward.”

Dax Shepherd: “North Carolina, this ugly amendment has no place in your Beautiful state. It’s incongruous. Fix it young people.”

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