Norman Reedus “Feud” with Walking Dead Cast Invented by National Enquirer

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

A “bitter feud has exploded” between Norman Reedus and his “The Walking Dead” co-stars, claims the National Enquirer.

What’s the supposed problem?

Reedus’ fellow actors “accuse him of trying to steal the spotlight,” says the tabloid. “It’s especially annoying to Andrew Lincoln, who, as sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, is supposed to be the drama’s main focus,” allege sources for the Enquirer.

A so-called “insider’ tells the magazine, “From Day One, Norman has been the world’s biggest self-promoter while the rest of the cast seemed content to let their work speak for them.” “But they’re jealous of the fame Norman has created for himself. They feel like second fiddles and barely give him the time of day,” continues the Enquirer source.

Well, we already know the Enquirer loves a good fake feud. This is just another one. A rep tells Gossip Cop, “The story is nonsense.”

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