Bachelor Finale SHOCKER — Juan Pablo Tells Clare “I Love F**king You,” Doesn’t Propose To Anyone (VIDEO)

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By Michael Lewittes



“The Bachelor” had its highly-anticipated finale on Monday night, and what went down was completely unexpected.

Among the highlights: Juan Pablo didn’t propose to anyone, and made an extremely offensive sexual comment to Clare

But lets start at the beginning.

The episode kicked off with Clare meeting Juan Pablo’s family and daughter Camila in St. Lucia.

She said that seeing him with his little girl “makes him that much sexier.”

The soccer player’s mom admitted to Clare, “He’s sometimes very rude,” and said he’d even made her cry before.

But Clare was undaunted.

“I know you were raised right. By your values,” she told Juan Pablo.

The following day, Nikki met the Bachelor’s family.

Both his father and mother told her Juan Pablo is “not easy” and stubborn, to which she agreed.

But Nikki got along well with everyone, and told his parents she was in love with him.

The nurse told Juan Pablo joining the show was the “best decision I ever made.”

Next, Clare had her final date with the Bachelor, which began with a helicopter ride around St. Lucia.

But Juan Pablo ruined the date before it even started by whispering something “sexual” in her ear in the helicopter when the camera wasn’t filming.

Clare wouldn’t reveal what he said, but did tell the camera, “He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to her… some sexual thing. It was insulting, it was offensive and it made me feel awful.”

After the date, she admitted to the camera that Juan Pablo said they didn’t know each other “but that he loved hooking up with me.”

Later, she revealed he actually said, “I love f**king you.”


That night, Clare confronted him about only wanting a sexual relationship with her, but he was not very understanding or apologetic.

In fact, he was downright harsh.

Juan Pablo said there may be many things he doesn’t like about her, and many things she doesn’t like about him that they just don’t know yet.

The soccer player then put it on Clare for hooking up with him, telling her, “Don’t blame it on me” while pointing in her face.

Juan Pablo eventually sweet-talked her and said they would have a baby together and move somewhere — if he chose her.

The following day, he had his last date with Nikki.

They took a boat around St. Lucia and she tried to get Juan Pablo to open up about his feelings for her, but he wouldn’t.

Still, Nikki wasn’t put off, and told the camera, “If today was my last day with Juan Pablo, I’d be heartbroken. I’ve waited a long time for a love like this.”

Later that night, she again tried to get him to reveal he loved her, but he remained evasive.

Nikki gave him a heartfelt card and photo of them, and they shared a long kiss goodbye.

After he left, she balled her eyes out.

Finally, we come to the dumping and proposal — or lack thereof.

Clare was up first, which did not bode well for the hairdresser.

After she waxed poetical about her love for him, Juan Pablo told her she wasn’t the one.

The Bachelor said, “I gotta follow what I think is best for me, and I have to say goodbye to you.”

Clare was furious.

She said, “I lost respect for you… What you just made me go through… I would never want my children having a father like you.”

When she left, Juan Pablo made a “phew” sound and said, “I’m glad I didn’t pick her.”

Clare broke down to the camera and revealed that what he really whispered in her ear in the helicopter was: “I love f**king you.”

Nikki was up next, and Juan Pablo did NOT propose to her.

“I have a ring in my pocket, but I’m not going to use it,” he said.

However, he told Nikki, “I don’t want to let you go. I like you a lot… Will you accept my final rose?”


So, are they even still dating?

We’ll find out later tonight on “After the Final Rose.”

Check out VIDEO from the finale below!

What do you think about Juan Pablo not proposing to anyone?

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