Paper Turns Nikki Reed’s Comments About Twilight Cast Into Premiere “Discord”

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By Daniel Gates


In an interview with Seventeen, Nikki Reed made a few candid comments about the changing nature of cast members’ relationships behind the scenes on the Twilight Saga movies.

“In the beginning, it was innocent and fun, and we were like one big happy family – it was like being at sleep away camp,” says Reed. “And then success comes along and changes the dynamic. We’re not all best friends, and we’re not all going to hang out together after the final movie is done.” Reed tells Seventeen some of the unraveled relationships on the set were “very sad.”

It seems pretty reasonable. A huge group of actors and actresses, many of whom were still just kids when the franchise launched, have worked together for years, and in that time there have been friendships made and frayed.

But the New York Post couldn’t resist turning Reed’s remarks into something way more dramatic. “Cast discord at Breaking Dawn premiere’?” screams the paper’s headline on Tuesday, insinuating that the humans who play the vampires and werewolves were about to throw down on the red carpet.

The Post also interprets Reed’s remarks to mean that some cast members “might even be enemies.” Let’s get a grip on reality here. Media outlets usually jump all over celebrities for not speaking honestly about what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood.

In this case, Reed made the mistake of admitting that actors and actresses are human beings whose relationships sometimes ebb and flow, and the Post rewarded her by printing a headline that makes it seem as those the Twilight stars are constantly at each other’s throats. Not everyone is everyone else’s best friend. That simply isn’t going to happen when a large cast makes five movies together.

The notion that Reed revealed some kind of vicious secret feuding is just not true. Gossip Cop can’t blame celebs for being cautious in interviews when their words are likely to be sensationalized like they were here.

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