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TAB: Nicole Richie Wedding Was a “Disaster”

Truth rating: 2

By Michael Lewittes


“Nicole’s Wedding Disaster,” reads the headline of a story about Nicole Richie‘s wedding in OK! magazine.

According to the tab, though “no expense had been spared” for Richie’s and Joel Madden‘s nuptials, “Nicole was not happy.”


OK! claims Richie’s “stress and greed… threatened to eclipse her wedding day completely.”


The tabloid reports Richie “hungered to see her wedding photos on a national magazine cover,” and was asking “$100,000 for just one photo!”

Getting the best possible deal, says the magazine, consumed Richie. In fact, she was “so nervous that one of her guests might sell unauthorized photographs,” notes OK!, “she insisted on having all cell phones confiscated.”

“It ruined the mood,” contends the tab.

Wow, someone was really miserable… about not getting the photos.

A source close to Richie explains that OK! is “mad they didn’t get the exclusive” shots from the wedding.

And as opposed to the “disaster” that the tabloid paints, the wedding was actually a blast.

A guest at the wedding tells Gossip Cop, the reception was “lovely,” and the bride was nothing but “happy” and “calm.”

No one’s phones were confiscated, says our insider. “Everyone happily gave up their cells.”

The only “disaster” is OK!‘s version of the facts.

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