CLAIM: Nicole Richie “Starves Herself” As Joel Madden Marriage Crumbles

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By Daniel Gates

Nicole Richie Skinny


Nicole Richie is “alone & sick,” declares Star magazine in a new cover story. “After three years of marriage and two kids, husband Joel [Madden] hooks up with a hot redhead while Nicole starves herself,” writes the tabloid.

In other words, here we go again. Star has published false reports about Richie’s health and marriage for years.

Back in January, the mag ran a bogus cover story about the reality TV star’s supposed “tragic relapse” and weight loss, claiming she was starving herself because of Madden’s alleged relationship with fellow “The Voice” Australia coach Kylie Minogue. That was b.s.

So was the tab’s ridiculous March 2013 report about how Richie was allegedly anorexic and “wasting away” at a scary skinny weight. And so too was the inaccurate September 2011 story about her marriage to Madden purportedly being rocked by marriage problems. Star was getting stuff completely wrong about the couple even before they were married.

This “new” story, using the same old discredited themes, is nothing but a lame recycling. The magazine claims Richie is in the midst of a “potentially deadly weight crisis” because of the stress of her professional commitments, raising children, and dealing with Madden working in Australia.

This time around, Star links Madden to singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee, because he happened to be spotted kissing her on the cheek in public several weeks ago.

According to the mag’s “insider,” things are bad between Richie and Madden. “Their marriage is hanging by a thread, and she’s considering a divorce,” claims the Star source.

The so-called “pal” tells the outlet, “The stress from her marriage has made Nicole lose her appetite. She’s trying to stay strong for the kids, but she’s been extremely down and cries all the time.” Fascinating.

Except that Richie has been out and about and happy while promoting her upcoming VH1 show “#CandidlyNicole” (see below), and just spoke at length about how great her family life is in an interview with Paper, highlighting the differences in her and Madden’s backgrounds as a huge plus.

“We’ve obviously gone back and forth because we did grow up so differently, and there are aspects about the way he was raised that I wish I’d had and vice versa,” says Richie. “We just apply both of those ideas to our family.”

She’s not starving herself and breaking down and crying and planning a divorce, just like she wasn’t the last times Star claimed she was. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest story is “totally wrong.”

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