Nicole Kidman “Suicidal” Report Is Just Shameful National Enquirer Sensationalism

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Nicole Kidman Suicide

By Daniel Gates

Nicole Kidman Suicide

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Nicole Kidman’s friends “fear” she “could become suicidal again,” claims the National Enquirer, which willfully misinterprets an old interview in order to create a sensational story suggesting the actress is in danger.

According to the tabloid, which is not above inventing serious health crises, Kidman made a “shocking confession” in an interview “earlier this month” that she “considered suicide before starting a family with country superstar Keith Urban.”


The Enquirer quotes Kidman as saying of her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in a suicide scene in The Hours more than a decade ago, “By playing her, it put me into a place of appreciating life. I chose life.”

First, she didn’t say that in an interview earlier this month.

She said it in Vanity Fair a year ago.

Besides not knowing the context of Kidman’s words, the Enquirer uses them to build a bogus story about how Kidman and Urban’s alleged “marital problems” have her friends worrying that her “terrifying thoughts” could return.

“Nicole begged Keith to take 2015 off to spend more time with her and their daughters,” explains a source for the tabloid. “But he thinks he has to strike while the iron is hot to compete against the young bucks in country music.”

The Enquirer insider adds, “Something has to give, and friends fear it’s going to be their marriage.”


Kidman and Urban are happy.


And the idea that she’s on the verge of being “suicidal” because of any problems invented by the Enquirer is totally false.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “ridiculous” and “shameful.”

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