Nicki Minaj Impersonates Kim Kardashian On SNL, Explains Paper Magazine Nude Photos Were “Misinterpreted” (VIDEO)

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Nicki Minaj Kim Kardashian SNL

By Michael Lewittes


Nicki Minaj Kim Kardashian SNL


Nicki Minaj impersonated Kim Kardashian on “SNL,” and explained that her entire Paper magazine naked photo shoot was “completely misinterpreted” because the pictures didn’t have any backgrounds. “They forgot to put the backgrounds in, so the photos are completely out of context,” said Kardashian. She then showed what the “proper” photos were supposed to look like (video below).

Kardashian first showed a photo from the magazine of herself nude, followed by the “proper” picture with the actual background, which was the same photo, but Kardashian standing in front of a doctor. “It was actually a public service announcement about getting regular checkups from your gynecologist,” said Kardashian.

And how about the photo of the champagne shooting over her behind? Kardashian said, “Let’s see it with the right background,” which was a chalkboard with complex mathematical equations on it. Kardashian said the bell curve above her rearend was “part of a math competition for high school seniors,” adding, “Spoiler alert: X = full frontal.”

As for the cover photos of Kardashian’s butt slathered in oil, it too was missing the right background, which was Kardashian in the ocean, where there had been an oil spill. It was supposed to be a “warning about the Keystone Pipeline,” explained Kardashian.

But what about the full frontal photo of Kardashian? According to her, it was supposed to be part of a “Hannukah card for my Jewish friends,” and the real background was supposed to be eight nude Kardashians acting as candles in a menorah. Oh, that makes sense.

Check out the video below of Minaj impersonating Kardashian and explaining what the Paper magazine photos were supposed to look like with the actual backgrounds. then tell us what you think.

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