Nicki Minaj: I Will Take A Break After I Make $500 Million Or Have A “Fat Baby” (VIDEO)

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Nicki Minaj Ellen DeGeneres 500 Million Family Baby

By Michael Lewittes


Nicki Minaj Ellen DeGeneres 500 Million Family Baby

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Nicki Minaj opened up on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” about her desire to start a family and why she will only take a break from her career for $500 million or a baby. When DeGeneres asked the rapper about the sky-high figure, Minaj explained, “I was just kind of being funny because people always ask me when are you going to slow down. So I figured to think of like an astronomical amount of money and tell them that so they would stop asking me. So, whenever I make $500 million.”

The singer added, “I will have a family even if I don’t have $500 million, but if I’m not taking a break for family, it would have to be because of $500 million.” The day-time host joked, “It sounds like you need a break. By the way, if you have a family, that’s not taking a break at all. You are you going to be exhausted.” Minaj added, “I know but I want a cute little fat baby. I mean not now, but one day I want a cute fat baby.” DeGeneres asked, “What if it’s not fat?” Minjaj responded, “Then I don’t want it.”

DeGeneres also wanted Minaj’s tips on how to achieve her famous look. She pried Minaj, “Do I do squats?” and “What do I do to look more like you?” Minaj joked, “I don’t know. If I told you I’d have to kill you.” The TV host went on to congratulate Minaj on her hilarious “Saturday Night Live” appearance, where she did parody sketches of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. “I love both of them,” Minaj said of the two women she impersonated.

Minaj noted during the interview that she’s “really really happy” right now. “Now I realize why I had so much of an emotional year,” she explained. “I mean I was writing my album, and I think I needed to grow as a human being. And now because of it, I just feel better. I feel more peaceful. I feel like I’ve gotten rid of things that were not healthy for me.” As soon as Minaj finished talking about how great she was feeling, a man wearing a wig popped out of the side table, giving her a terrible scare. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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