Iggy Azalea’s Boyfriend Nick Young NOT Gay, Despite Homophobic MediaTakeOut Report

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Nick Young Gay

By Shari Weiss

Nick Young Gay

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Iggy Azalea’s boyfriend Nick Young is NOT gay, nor is he stepping out on her with another man. Shopping at Barneys does not make him gay. Shopping with a male friend does not make him gay, either. These are the lessons that MediaTakeOut needs to learn.

The webloid, which has unbelievably grown more shameful each day this year, seems to be intent on fitting in as many offensive stories as possible as the year winds down. One of MediaTakeOut’s latest headline reads, “IS IGGY AZAELIA’S Baller Boyfriend . . . GAY???? He And A MALE COMPANION . . . SASHE’D Into Barneys’ Together . . . Then DROVE OFF TOGETHER!!!”

The site continues its homophobic tone in the accompanying story, writing, “Iggy Azaelia’s boyfriend Nick Young was looking EXTRA ZESTY yesterday… he had a BROKE WIST – and was accompanied by a FLOWER WEARING HOMIE into Barney’s. Then the two men DROVE OFF together – in the car that IGGY JUST BOUGHT HIM…”

MediaTakeOut’s grammatically-poor writing aside, the webloid misspelled Iggy Azalea’s last name twice. But more importantly, Young is not gay, and he certainly wasn’t implying that he was by shopping with a guy friend at Barney’s and then leaving together. It’s an insult to all people, gay or straight, to assume their sexuality based on their looks, companions, or shopping habits. Even if Young was gay, MediaTakeOut’s article would still be offensive.

Of course, MediaTakeOut insults celebrities on a daily basis. No, not everyone has to be politically correct all the time. But a purported “news” outlet should not be in the business of mocking people or carelessly speculating about a stars’ sexuality. That’s not journalism. It’s the worst kind of tabloid sensationalism. Regardless, Young is NOT gay, and he is NOT cheating on Azalea with another man.

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