Nick Lachey Did NOT “Choke” Chargers Fan, Call His Wife a “B*tch”

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By Michael Lewittes


Nick Lachey Accuser: He Choked Me And Called My Wife a B*tch,” reads an explosive headline from TMZ. According to the site, Lachey “isn’t just a heckler … he CHOKED a San Diego Chargers fan at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday and called the guy’s wife a ‘f**king b*tch.'”

As you’ll recall, Lachey tweeted on Monday that that he got “kicked out” of a Chargers-Bengals game in San Diego after the famous Cincinnati fan took his trash-talking a little too far.

Now, TMZ claims “multiple people involved in the incident” say Lachey got “aggressive with a Chargers fan” who was wearing a jersey of a former San Diego player. Lachey and his Bengals-loving friends “had been talking trash to him about the jersey for most of the 2nd half of the game,” but then the singer allegedly “made one particularly offensive comment” that prompted the guy’s wife to shoot back at Lachey that the former Chargers player “lasted longer than your boy band.”

TMZ says Lachey then “flipped out and called the wife a ‘f**king b*tch,'” along with several “other profanities.” But that’s not all, alleges TMZ. The site reports that “tensions exploded,” and “the Chargers fan says Nick lunged towards him … grabbed him by the throat and shoved him to the ground.”

But did Lachey really choke a Chargers fan and curse out the guy’s wife? NO. We’re told by a source close to Lachey that, yes he got involved in trash talking, but he did NOT grab the Chargers fan by the throat NOR did he curse out the man’s wife. Neither of those things ever happened, we’re told.

A second source, who was an eyewitness at the game, also tells Gossip Cop the talking smack was “friendly” throughout the game between both sides, and Lachey graciously posed “for pictures with their kids.” But later in the game, we’re told the Chargers fan began to “make a scene and stood up, turned his back to the game and started pointing his finger in Nick’s face and screaming at him.” Lachey had even tweeted that he didn’t appreciate “someone turning around and putting their finger in my face.”

Nevertheless, our source on the scene says the boy bander was “not the instigator of this argument,” and decided to “walk away because the Chargers fan had lost control and wanted a fight.” A rep for Lachey further tells Gossip Cop, “There was no choking,” and he “did not say anything defamatory toward the wife.”

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