Nick Jonas Shaves His Chest And Talks “Manscaping” On Ryan Seacrest – VIDEO!

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Nick Jonas Shaves Chest On Air With Ryan Seacrest

By Michael Lewittes


Nick Jonas Shaves Chest On Air With Ryan Seacrest

(On Air with Ryan Seacrest)

Nick Jonas had to shave his chest to fulfill a dare on Tuesday’s “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” Jonas and Seacrest teamed up for a new game the radio host invented called “crotchball.” The rules were simple. Seacrest attempted to throw a ball through a hoop that was attached to Jonas’ waist (above his crotch). If he missed, the “Jealous” singer had to perform a dare.

“This is really unfair,” Jonas said before the game started, but Seacrest referenced the actor’s racy sex scene on “Kingdom” that went viral, noting, “This is so much tamer than the stuff I saw you doing on social media, so I am not worried.” Unfortunately for fans, Seacrest made his first two throws, but he did miss the third. As a result, Jonas had to shave a portion of his chest. “I have to shave my chest?” he asked. “That is a big commitment.” Seacrest couldn’t believe that Jonas didn’t regularly shave his chest. “No, I keep it natural, nice and natural,” explained Jonas.

But Seacrest wouldn’t stop pestering the star about his grooming habits. “Why don’t you shave by the way?” asked Seacrest. “Do you manscape anything else? You manscape.” Jonas responded coyly, “Sometimes. I don’t do everything.” Seacrest exclaimed, “Nick Jonas shaving his chest. This is something I just dream about.” After it was all said and done, Seacrest asked Jonas to consider the smoother look. “It is a way different sensation,” Jonas admitted, joking that his girlfriend Olivia Culpo has a smooth “swatch now” with which to play.

During the interview, Jonas also opened up about the previously noted graphic nude sex scene he filmed for his DirecTV show “Kingdom.” “I have seen two like GIFs of it and one where it is just rotation,” he said of the Vine videos that have since been taken down. “My experience is this: In the room it was not something I was thinking about. It was part of the job. You have to do this. It is part of the storytelling. I didn’t really think about it. I just sort of tried to get through it.” Jonas added, “And then afterwards I watched it back, and I was like ‘Whoa. Okay.'” Jonas explained that he wore a “sock basically” over his genitals, and that the show gets “very creative” with how they cover everything.

Seacrest couldn’t help but ask the star how his girlfriend felt about the scene. “We definitely have a conversation before and make sure everybody is comfortable,” said Jonas. “I think that’s a part of the job, so it’s required of me.” He continued, “Naturally, it makes her uncomfortable. When you really care about somebody and they have to do something like that for their job, it’s uncomfortable. But she’s understanding and she’s pursuing a job in acting as well, so I’m sure there will be a situation in time where I’ll have to be on the other side of that.” Jonas later dished about his solo career and sang an acoustic version of his song “Jealous.” Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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