Nick Jonas Talks Getting Naked, Potential Engagement To Olivia Culpo (VIDEO)

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Nick Jonas Engaged

By Daniel Gates


Nick Jonas Engaged


Nick Jonas talks about his future with girlfriend Olivia Culpo, getting naked, and being jealous in a new interview. The musician even shows off his official “Ellen DeGeneres Show” underwear, which he got as a guest and apparently loves to wear while doing press.

Asked about a widely spread picture featuring his head Photoshopped on to the infamous Kim Kardashian Paper magazine bare butt shot, Jonas says he found the whole thing funny and thought Kardashian would, as well. “She’s always very cool,” says Jonas of their occasional meetings.

Another recent viral hit was footage from his show “Kingdom” showing Jonas going at it in a provocative sex scene. But the star says he doesn’t plan on going “full frontal” (like Kardashian) anytime soon.

Jonas’ hit song “Jeaous” was inspired when Culpo got some unwanted attention from another guy when the couple was out. He says the feeling of jealousy it triggered was so intense, he just “had to write this song and get it out.” Are he and Culpo planning to take the next step and get engaged? “One day, maybe,” says Jonas. “We’ve got time to figure it out. We’re really enjoying the ride we’re on.”

During his chat, Jonas also touches upon his love of cigars, his recent performance in the New York subway system, and the importance of clipping your fingernails. It’s educational. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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