Nick Jonas Making Brothers Joe and Kevin “Jealous” With Solo Hit?

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Nick Jonas Brothers Fighting

By Daniel Gates


Nick Jonas Brothers Fighting

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Nick Jonas is not making his famous brothers “jealous” with his solo career, despite a new report.

Gossip Cop can debunk this nonsense right here.

RadarOnline, an outlet whose reporting on the Jonas family is not exactly strong, started the rumor, mostly because RadarOnline seems to like starting rumors about the brothers regardless of accuracy.

The webloid claims Kevin and Joe Jonas are upset about Nick’s hit single “Jealous.”

They’ve been “throwing some serious shade” at Nick, claims RadarOnline.


Because Kevin and Joe are allegedly upset about his success.

“Nick has always carried the group and he was always the center of attention,” explains one of RadarOnline’s less than trustworthy sources. “He is the best looking out of them and has always had the hottest girls. He is also by far the most talented.”

Why does RadarOnline’s source sound like a middle schooler with Nick’s posters plastered all over her walls?

In any case, there’s zero substance to the rest of the flimsy report, which mostly seems to have been written because (1) Nick Jonas released a solo single, and (2) sensational stories about fighting sell.

But even though the Jonas brothers may no longer be The Jonas Brothers — they’re still totally cool with each other.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively there’s “nothing true” in the RadarOnline report.

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