Nick Cannon NOT Playing Tupac In Movie

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Nick Cannon Tupac

By Daniel Gates

Nick Cannon Tupac

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Nick Cannon is NOT set to play Tupac Shakur in a movie about the late rap legend. The report, which originated on satirical website NahaDaily, is being taken seriously by thousands of social media users on Twitter and Facebook. It is a hoax and 100 percent untrue.

According to the phony story, “News spread across the movie industry as it was revealed that Nick Cannon will star as Tupac in the new feature film about the rapper.” It adds, “Cannon has been able to maintain his stardom by constantly working on new projects. Unfortunately a decent rap album isn’t one of those projects. So some hip hop fans see this as a slap in the face.”

It includes this made-up “quote” attributed to Cannon: “Playing this role will be very difficult for me. Tupac had all types of tattoos like thug life, an AK 47 and an Egyptian head while all I’ve got is “Mariah” tattooed on my back.”

But the whole story, again, is 100 PERCENT FAKE. Lots of people failed to realize the outlet was a satire site. On Friday, Cannon himself tweeted, “I know I got a lot of jobs, but I just heard I was playing Tupac!! LOL #funnysh*t. Doing 3 films this year, but sorry Tupac is not one of them.” There you have it. Save your hate. There’s no Cannon as Tupac movie.

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