CLAIM: Mariah Carey Worries Nick Cannon Will Cheat With “AGT” Singer

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By Daniel Gates

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been the subject of some pretty rotten National Enquirer rumors in the past, and this week offers another doozy.

According to the tabloid, a “devastating cheating secret is threatening to destroy” their marriage. Wow – what is it? Well, Carey supposedly “fears” that Cannon “might be secretly angling to hook up” with Lys Agnes, a singer currently competing on his show “America’s Got Talent.”

In the absence of an actual affair, the tabloid wants readers to believe the mere threat of a hypothetical hook-up is rocking Carey’s world. An “insider” for the magazine is quoted as saying Carey is “almost beside herself with worry that Nick could stray.”

And why is Agnes specifically the source of such supposed tension? Because Cannon allegedly “makes comments about how Lys reminds him of a young Mariah” and seems really swept up in his work on “America’s Got Talent,” while Carey “is feeling old and overweight” following the birth of the couple’s twins.

To illustrate just how miserable and self-conscious Carey is, the Enquirer uses an August 2 paparazzi photo in which she’s… in a bathing suit, smiling. Actually, that picture choice just illustrates how misguided and silly the entire article is.

Despite the Enquirer‘s sincerest hopes, Carey and Cannon remain happy. A rep for Carey says, “This is an absurd and made-up story,” while a spokesperson for Cannon tells Gossip Cop there’s “absolutely no truth whatsoever” to the claims about the marriage being under duress.

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