Niall Horan Fights Paparazzi: Don’t Tell Fans To “Get Out Of Way” (VIDEO)

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Niall Horan Paparazzi Slams

By Andrew Shuster


Niall Horan Paparazzi Slams

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Niall Horan defended a few female fans after a paparazzo shouted for them to “get out of the way” of him filming the One Direction singer walking on a public street. Watch the video below!

Horan was heading to a club in London when a few fans stopped him to pose for a selfie. A paparazzo, who was snapping his own photos of the singer, was seemingly upset that actual fans also wanted a picture of Horan, and told the girls to “Get out of the way!” Horan came to the Directioners’ defense and shot back at the photographer, “What do you mean, ‘Get out of the way?’ They pay my bills, not you.”

Still angry afterwards, Horan addressed the situation on Twitter, writing, “I absolutely hate some of those paps… Nasty nasty people. Whoever the hell you were, don’t ever tell one of our fans to ‘get out of the way.'” He added, “So you can get a sh*t picture of me walking into a nite club that you’ll get 10 quid … You do nothin for me , so you get out of the way.”

Watch the incident here, and tell Gossip Cop what you think about Horan defending his fans from the paparazzi.

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