CLAIM: NeNe Leakes’ Wedding “Ruined” By “Ugly Fight” About Prenup Agreement

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By Shari Weiss

NeNe and Gregg Leakes

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“Ugly Fights Wreck NeNe’s Wedding,” blares the National Enquirer, which claims the reality star’s recent second wedding to Gregg Leakes was “nearly derailed” over a prenup.

“When NeNe agreed to marry Gregg, she insisted that he sign a prenup, and he agreed,” dishes a so-called “family friend” to the supermarket tabloid. The supposed snitch continues, “But Gregg kept putting it off because he hoped NeNe would get so caught up in planning their over-the-top ceremony” — filmed for Bravo’s “I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding” — “that she’d either forget about the prenup, or just let it go.” Forget about the prenup?

Anyway, the Enquirer claims it all came to a dramatic head as guests arrived for the ceremony last Saturday, when NeNe allegedly “exploded at Gregg over the unsigned prenup.” “Gregg vowed to NeNe that he’d never take her money,” says the Enquirer’s tipster. “But NeNe yelled back that if Gregg thought she wouldn’t call the whole thing off and take her butt back home, then he didn’t know her at all!” The magazine’s mole alleges the pair “went back and forth for about 45 minutes, until Gregg signed the papers,” and adds that “their guests never had a clue the ceremony had come so close to being called off.”

Gossip Cop would first like to point out how awfully convenient it is for the Enquirer to claim a fight “nearly derailed” the couple’s wedding after it already took place. In any case, a source close to the happily re-married couple tells us it’s absolutely “not true” that NeNe and Gregg had a last-minute prenup fight.

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National Enquirer

Nene Leakes’ wedding was ruined by a fight about the prenup.

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