Neil Patrick Harris’ Husband David Burtka Forced Him To Quit Hedwig Out Of Jealousy Over Other Men?

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By Daniel Gates


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Neil Patrick Harris’ husband David Burtka only let him do Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway for six months because he was worried about other men flirting with Harris if he stayed in New York too long, reports RadarOnline in a story just as ridiculous as it sounds.

According to the webloid’s source, “Neil and David came to an agreement that he would let Neil do Hedwig on Broadway for six months, including the rehearsals and previews.”

“David was adamant that he not extend, partly, because moving to New York for longer than the summer would have been too disruptive for the kids,” explains the RadarOnline source.

So far, fair enough. But that’s when RadarOnline’s fake “insider” gets greedy. “David also didn’t trust leaving Neil in New York to do the show while he and the kids went back to L.A. because he knows that other guys are always very flirtatious with Neil in L.A. and he didn’t want to risk it in New York,” the source tells the site. Huh?

“At least in L.A. David is always around to make sure it never goes any further,” continues the RadarOnline insider. “And not to say certain guys haven’t become ‘friendly’ with David in New York too, but without each other around, it’s hard to resist other guys hitting on them.” According to the webloid, while Harris “may have wanted to continue on Broadway, Burtka put his foot down.”

“David fully supports Neil, but doesn’t want to be walked all over,” says the RadarOnline source. As many of RadarOnline’s own readers have pointed out, this story is FAKE. (Boy, it must stink when your credibility is so low, your own readership immediately questions any alleged scoop.) Beyond being insulting and based on absolutely no specific evidence, the story also makes zero sense. For one thing, Harris and Burtka recently bought a townhouse in New York. Moreover, why would Burtka be OK with flirting in one city but not another? Harris leaving Hedwig has nothing to do with any of this. It’ s “complete and utter nonsense,” a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop.

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