Neil Patrick Harris “Walked Out On” David Burtka Amid Claims of “Flirting”?

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Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka Split Break Up

By Michael Lewittes


Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka Split Break Up

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Neil Patrick Harris has walked out on his longtime lover David Burtka,” claims the National Enquirer.

According to the tabloid, the “two have been living apart” amid rumors they both were “seen flirting with younger guys.”

So-called “sources” tell the magazine Harris has “been spotted leaving” the couple’s New York brownstone “on his own” at least four times since June.

The tab then quotes an alleged “source” saying in very unnatural language, “It’s not a trial separation, it’s definitely been a time-out for them, and fueled mainly by suspicions that each one has cheated on the other.”

“David suspects that Neil’s late-night outings are less than innocent, while word has gotten back to Neil of his lover’s raunchy revelry in gay bars,” says the phony “source” in even phonier language.

Anyway, after more claims that the two are “highly flirtatious” with other men, the Enquirer circles back to its tired (and baseless) story that a “major issue” for the couple is “Neil’s refusal to set a [wedding] date.”

This is the same outlet that falsely reported the couple’s “wedding was off” in 2012 and 2013, followed by another fabricated story claiming Burtka was giving the actor a “marriage ultimatum.”

Yet, Harris and Burtka are very much STILL together.

And yes, the Enquirer has no clue what’s going on in their relationship. A rep for Harris exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “There is absolutely no truth to the story. Neil, David and the twins are all living happily together in their new home.”

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National Enquirer

Neil Patrick Harris left David Burtka amid claims of flirting.

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