Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s “Wedding Is Off,” Declares Tab

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By Michael Lewittes


“The wedding is off for Neil Patrick Harris!” declares the National Enquirer, which claims the “How I Met Your Mother” star has “abruptly canceled plans to marry longtime fiancé David Burtka.”

How come? According to a purported “insider” for the tab, “Neil and David got into a huge argument on their way to a party the night before the Screen Actors Guild Awards.” Um… the SAGs were a full month ago, so why are we just hearing about this supposed bust-up now? Also, we should note that the Enquirer said the pair’s wedding was off last summer, too, so this seems to be a running theme.

Anyway, the mag quotes its alleged “source” as saying, “David made the mistake of complaining that he was sick of the showbiz grind,” explaining, “He feels that from the Emmys to the Grammys to the Oscars, Hollywood is just one big trophy fest, and he accused Neil of using him as ‘arm candy.'”

Huh? First of all, Burtka recently began a new gig as a correspondent for “E! News,” so we’re fairly certain he’s not adverse to the “showbiz grind.” Secondly, this is a long term couple with two-year-old twins together — not some fleeting romance — so the Enquirer source’s “arm candy” comment is ludicrous. Still, the tabloid’s “spy” goes on to claim that Harris “roared at David: ‘arm candy? Don’t freakin’ flatter yourself! I can get along very nicely without you!'”

The so-called “insider” tells the mag that the pair “walked into the party, mad at each other” and both supposedly “threw back a couple whiskies, and that only made things worse.” So the tab’s “spy” was with Harris and Burtka in the car on their way to the party, and also with them at the bash? Oh, and that’s not all. It appears the so-called “source” then followed the couple home, because he or she further claims that the following day, Harris told Burtka “the wedding was off!”

“They’re barely speaking,” tattles the Enquirer insider. That must be pretty awkward… considering Harris and Burtka are currently on a cruise together. On Thursday, Harris tweeted, “The Nat Enq is cray cray. We’ve never had a wedding date, just engaged (Prop 8 and all). We’re on a cruise as I write. He’s rad. All good.” Oops.

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s wedding is off.

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