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National Enquirer Sentences Whitney Houston to Death

Truth rating: 1

By Michael Lewittes

(National Enquirer)

In a cover story titled “Whitney Dying!” the National Enquirer claims, “Whitney Houston’s physical condition is so fragile that alarmed family members begged her to put off her worldwide comeback tour.”

Really? What else?

“Now experts predict Whitney – ravaged by drug addiction, an abusive marriage, family stress and a stalled career – has just five years to live,” reports the Enquirer.


The Enquirer, which has already sentenced Kirstie Alley and Dr. Phil to early graves, once again trots out some guy with a Ph.D named Patrick Wanis, who has developed what he calls a “Life & Death Calculator” – based on a person’s emotional, physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual state – and who claims that he can predict a person’s life expectancy.

This time around Wanis says, “Whitney can’t escape the consequences of her past,” referring to her previous drug abuse. He says he’s “added up the stressors and other factors in her life, and unless she starts taking care of herself both mentally and physically, she may have only five years to live.”

So what are some of these stressors that will kill Houston at age 51, according to the Enquirer?

In addition to her past drug use, the tabloid lists such determinants as “a toxic 15-year marriage to ex-husband Bobby Brown, the 2003 death of her father, stalled career.”

Wait, she’s going to die because of a marriage that ended three years ago, her father’s death seven years ago, and a career that’s not stalled anymore?

[scratching head]

The fact of the matter is Houston is quite alive and well. Not only is she in better shape than she’s been in years, but she recently wowed an audience in Osaka, Japan.

Once again, the Enquirer is dead wrong with its speculation.

When Gossip Cop reached out for a comment, a rep for Houston called the story “ridiculous” and “rubbish.”

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