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Tab uses fake Demi Lovato news on Twitter about her and Joe Jonas as real

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By Michael Lewittes



After noting the “spotlight’s a little too intense” for Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, the National Enquirer quotes” Lovato saying via Twitter, “I wish everyone would just leave us alone and just let us be together.” The supermarket tabloid also “quotes” her tweeting fans to “stop obsessing on what we are or if we could last forever.” 

Wow, so did Lovato really acknowledge that she and her “Camp Rock” co-star are “together”?


But those are her words, right?


The ace staff at the Enquirer did NOT quote Lovato’s Twitter. Instead, they quoted a fake Lovato account.


Though Jonas and Lovato have often been spotted together, and recently made a video for their song, “Make a Wave,” the two have publicly denied being anything more than best friends – and certainly have not tweeted anything to the contrary.

Unlike Twitter, which only allows people to express whatever they want in 140 characters or less, Gossip Cop can sum up the Enquirer‘s reporting on Lovato in just three characters — BAD.

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