Britney Spears Imposter Actually The Voice On Pop Star’s Studio Album?

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By Daniel Gates

Britney Spears


Britney Spears is a “fake,” claims Star. The magazine thinks it has a major bombshell on its hands, reporting that Spears does not sing live during her concerts or on her studio albums.

Murray Langston, the father of a singer named Myah Marie, claims that his daughter is “actually the voice fans are hearing on their favorite Britney tracks.” “My daughter sings for Britney Spears,” claims Langston. “The truth is, Myah can sound just like her. She has a knack.”

That part is true — Marie has an online following as a vocal talent who can sound similar to Spears, and she’s indeed served as a background voice on several of the pop star’s songs.

But then Langston — and Star — get carried away. He tells the magazine, “They don’t want Myah to meet Britney — they make my daughter enter the studio through a back door to avoid a run-in.” According to Langston, Marie “sang seven songs” on Spears’ 2011 album Femme Fatale, providing the real vocals without Spears’ knowledge.

“Maybe Britney doesn’t know whose voice is on her album and it doesn’t even interest her,” speculates Langston. “Maybe she just comes in, lays down the track and leaves, and doesn’t care.” And maybe Star just listens to off-the-wall theories, prints them, and doesn’t care.

Because this story is 100 percent false — and Marie herself says so. “While I am so grateful for the opportunity to provide background vocals for Britney Spears on a small number of her most recent works, I most certainly cannot take credit for her tremendous talent as a singer,” she said in a statement. “She is a veritable ‘living legend’ with a longstanding reputation for excellence in all aspects of her artistry. She is my idol and I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her.”

In other words, the idea that she sneaks into the studio behind Spears’ back and records album tracks in her place is as ridiculous as it sounds. A source close to Spears tells Gossip Cop the Star story is a “joke.”

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